Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my plane be advertised?
Upward Aircraft Sales believes in heavy advertising. We will derive an advertisement for your aircraft and place it on our website as well as numerous print and digital media venues.
Will I need to meet with numerous prospective buyers?
Aircraft owners normally only endure 1 showing during the sales process. Upward Aircraft Sales provides prospective buyers with high resolution photos and walk-around videos as well as a complete set of scanned logbooks for your aircraft. This allows the buyers local mechanic to give his/her endorsement of your plane which in turn allows the buyers to feel comfortable enough to make an offer subject to pre-buy/visual inspection and flight test. Once an acceptable offer is made, our sales team will coordinate the flight and pre-buy inspection on the same day as closing.
Can I continue to fly my aircraft while it is being advertised with Upward Aircraft Sales?
Yes, it is fine to fly your aircraft while it is being advertised. It’s important to exercise your engine and maintain your pilot proficiency.
How long will it take to get my aircraft sold?
Upward Aircraft Sales usually expects its brokered aircraft to sell within the first 60 days however the time of year and domestic/international events dictate that we list your plane for at least 120 days.
How will funds be handled during the sale/purchase?
Upward Aircraft Sales utilizes an escrow company to handle all funds and dispense them through secured Federal wires. These wires take about an hour for them to show up in the account of your choosing. The escrow company will also handle all paperwork required by the FAA.
When and how will Upward Aircraft's commission be paid?
Our commission is due upon a successful closing. In the unlikely event that we are unable to sell your plane nothing is owed. The likely scenario is that we will be successful in selling your plane at an acceptable price and therefore the commission is paid through the escrow service at closing.
Do you offer delivery and/or pickup of my plane?
Yes, Upward Aircraft Sales can deliver your plane and coordinate an instructor to provide any sort of transition training/check out. We can also coordinate the pickup of your plane should you require a full demo listing or a legal pilot to operate your plane.
How do I go about making an offer on a plane?
Once you and/or your local mechanic have reviewed the plane and scanned logbooks you can make an offer via email or fax (515) 330 3432. Once your written offer is accepted we will email or fax you a purchase agreement that is signed by the buyer and seller.

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